Night Flight

Sunday Scribbling prompt: Beauty

“If you want to live, give me your hand.”

She crouched where she had fallen, her foot caught by a limb hidden under the snow.
She glared up at him. The dogs barking in the distance sounded closer than they had a few moments ago.

He looked down at her, hand outstretched. “Hurry!”

She reached up and he pulled her up behind him and they took off, him whispering to the horse now and then, urging him on.  She glanced behind and saw lights in the forest and heard the dogs.  They were flying through the trees now and the limbs were slapping her and her hair streaked out behind her as they moved with the wind.  She held him tighter though she was frozen and afraid her arms were too numb to know if they slipped from around his waist.  They sped east through the dusk as the sun was setting behind them.  She peered around him ahead and saw they were headed to a sheer cliff, the face rising high above them.  She could see no way around and he was not slowing his pace at all.  They were going to run into the solid rock!  She screamed at him “Are you insane? You’re going to kill us!” He just laughed and spurred the horse on faster.  “Hold on tight!” he yelled back at her and put his head down.  She laid her head down on his back and prayed. Ceana glanced up just as the horse leapt at the black rock.  She knew she was about to die so she closed her eyes and waited for the crash.

Seconds later they had landed on solid ground on the other side of the rock.  They had moved through it somehow!  Ceana opened her eyes slowly, afraid that she had passed over to the afterlife.  They were now racing along in a sunlit meadow.  The sun was warm and the wind was crisp and clean and She let go of him and held her arms straight out and lifted her face towards the beauty of the  sun.  Ceana was flying.  She laughed with the sheer joy of it.

Conall glanced back at her and knew with his entire soul, she was the one.

11 thoughts on “Night Flight

  1. paschal

    That long fourth paragraph is a beauty of action and description, echoes of Arwen’s magical escape with Frodo to the river. Look at Ms Dee, gliding from cowboy Italiano right on back to Whetherwhere. Molto bene.

  2. old egg

    This piece was delightful and so descriptive. I could imagine every moment of the escape and exhilaration of them bonding. Beautiful work.

  3. Dee

    Grizz – glad I could capture you and hold you here for awhile 🙂

    Tumblewords – a double delightful is doubly appreciated

    Jar Rose – might be something more after nanowrimo which is looming!

    Paschal, you rascal. Been missing you – glad you brought your tired traveling self by for a visit.

    Old Egg – Another delightful 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it – I was feeling the exhilaration myself as I was writing it.

  4. Dee

    lillyasia – thank you (and I love that name. that makes me want to use it in a story!)
    Linda – thank you and sorry bout your puter probs, hope you get them resolved soon.

    Miss A – is that good heartburn?? You know if I throw in some vampires, werewolves and zombies I might have a best seller 🙂

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