Fish Gotta Swim

A very late Three Word Wednesday: Drain, Nibble, Epic

I’ll apologize ahead of time 🙂

The last thing he remembered was circling the drain and then the world went crazy, everything went black and now?  Now he was in this dark place and there were fish everywhere.  He vaguely remembered nibbling way too much and then thinking he would just take a little nap.

“Are you okay?”  She was kinda cute – gold with a little white on her fins.

“yeah, I think so. I feel like I’ve been though a hurricane!”  I was shaking and my fins were sticking out at weird angles.  I shook my tail a bit and tried to straighten myself up.

“Everyone feels like that at first.  You’ll be okay as soon as your gills get used to it.”

I looked around.  It was cloudy and dark, not at all like my nice clean bowl with the pretty rocks and the little treasure chest that opened and closed.  There were a couple of old guys above me looking down with disdain.

“Who are they?”  I asked the cute little guppy.

“Oh that’s Huntley and Brinkley.  They had a bit part on a TV show years ago.  The Courtship of Eddie’s Father.  Maybe you’ve heard of it?  They consider themselves actors, better than the rest of us riff raff.”

“Guess it was before my time.  I never watched much television anyway.  Where are you from?”

“Carnival prize.  You?”

“Same thing. What’s your name?”

“Kitty.  My child was too little to understand the meaning of irony.”

“Now what?”

“There’s been trouble brewing for awhile here.  Someone showed up telling a crazy story about salmon swimming upstream and now everyone is talking about a rebellion.”

“They want to go back through that?  Whatever it was?  I didn’t think I was going to live the first time!”

“I know, right?  But just think what it would be like.  Fish jumping out of commodes all over the neighborhood!”

“That would be epic!”

11 thoughts on “Fish Gotta Swim

  1. paschal

    Huntley and Brinkley: that’s hilarious. True, or your wonderfully twisted mind? About H & B, I mean. Apologies? What else can come from drain, nibble, epic?

    Have a great weekend: the first week in the series till summer break is here. Get out the sunscreen, hot town, summer in the city! If it’s 15 degrees F down here, what oh what do y’all have?

  2. Dee Post author

    Huntley and Brinkley were real on the show. Blast from the way back past – Bill Bixby before he became incredibly hulky 🙂 The weather report says it is 18 but I am cozy parked in front of the fire place. Praying for anyone who does not have a warm place to shelter right now, including fishies!

  3. Julie Jordan Scott

    No need to apologize! I love the line, “Carnival prize” and ofcourse the “Courtship of Eddie’s Father” delighted me. Thanks for visiting my first 3WW writing! Appreciate it!

  4. Larry

    Yes the lines for the gas stations were incredible we actually had police officers directing traffic into the station thatt is how bad it was and I was the station attendant and hating every minute of it especially with three foot of snow on the ground I wasn’t there long before I was buying an air ticket to get the hell out of there.prtyy close to a year. Thanks for dropping by This Blog Of Mine I appreciate your comments .

  5. Dee Post author

    Thanks Pia!
    Larry – you’re welcome
    Lissa – I had never seen Finding Nemo but I remembered my niece had a stuffed Nemo. I googled it and I guess I’m not the first to write a story about a fish being flushed:)

    1. Dee Post author

      It was fun to do. Goldfish never lasted around here and we had to have conversations about what heaven is like – that it is NOT just a repository for dead fish (and kittens which is a whole other story)

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