One word Reflection

One Word : Burst

I hoped I wouldn’t have to tell her the truth.  I tried to find some gentle terms to enclose it so as to take the sting away.  I hated to burst her bubble, but she just wouldn’t put the mirror down. I don’t know what she thought she saw, but she stared at it until she was a shriveled corpse.  No amount of wrinkle cream is gonna fix that.

2 thoughts on “One word Reflection

  1. Dee Post author

    HA! Got new glasses recently, after a three year hiatus from the eye doc. Looked in the mirror and seriously thought about going back to the old specs. Sometimes slightly blurred vision is a blessing….
    I think someone should invent glasses that make everyone see as though they are looking through a soft focus lens. I would buy them for everyone I know LOL

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