Night Wings

Three Word Wednesday CLXXIII prompts : ideal, measure, and teeter Sunday Scribblings #199 Prompt: Yes

He turned back to look at her, smiling, his silhouette dark against the evening sky.  Even though she couldn’t see it, she could hear the smile in his voice.  “Come on.  You can do it.  I promise!”

She took a step onto the parapet, teetering a little.  She held her hands out for balance. She trusted him.  It was herself she doubted.

“Come on!  This is the ideal place.  No one can see us up here.  They can’t hear us either!”  He yelled the last as if to prove it to her.

Kystel took a step, measuring her stride by the bricks that made up the wall.

“Hold out your hand now.” Ryall said.

She stretched out her hand and met his fingers.  He guided her a few more steps until she was standing next to him.  He held her fingers and they looked out over the city skyline.

“Are you ready?”

Kystel grinned.  “As ready as I am ever going to be.  How do we do this?”

“You just let go and trust what you feel.”


“It will be okay.  I’ll be with you.”

He leaned out and left the edge as though he were diving into a pool.  Kystel hesitated a moment longer and then followed him.  There was no weight, no feeling of sinking.  The air currents took her and held her as though she was part of the sky.  There was no noise except the wind rushing by her ears.  She was close to Ryall now and could see his dark wings unfolded.  He glanced back and hovered as she caught up.

For the first time in her life, she felt at home.

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18 thoughts on “Night Wings

  1. MichaelO

    That was cool. Kind of like flying in a dream. But the vision of Ryall’s dark wings left me wondering. Who and what are these characters? I’m wanting more!

  2. Dee Post author

    This was one of those things that just started wandering with no map and no particular destination. Teeter led to parapet and we were flying.

  3. paschal

    Ah. Would that it were. There have been a few times in my life when I could feel the remnants of dormant wings on my back, so I’m sure we’ve all done it sometime before in our collective memories.

    1. Dee

      Flying seems to be a recurring theme with me. I’m not up on all the symbolism or interpretation of dreams and thoughts but I wonder about it? Silly bit of trivia – the names were from the blogger captcha tool – I was seeing interesting combinations and began to save them to a file for future use.

      1. Archna

        I love this, Dee. I’m wondering if you will add more, or have. It reminds me of and excerpt from a film called Thirst. Good stuff!


  4. Dee

    Archna, I will probably add more. My brain is filled with snippets and pieces that need to be knit together as soon as I learn more about plot arcs and sub-plots and character development and beginnings and endings. I have been reading more about writing lately than I have been actually writing but I feel a need to eat some of my vegetables (learning) and then I can have more dessert (making up stories).

  5. old egg

    Isn’t it curious that most have us have probably flown in our dreams and find it quite natural to do so. (Mind you I find it quite hard work!) Perhaps it is some innate sense that we keep within us from our far, far distant ancestors.

    Lucky Kystal and Ryall were able to do it in their lives.

    Inspiring writing Dee.

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