Concrete Thinking

Three Word Wednesday CLXXIV beacon grieve kindred

Cynthia had always been a beacon for losers.  She should have been carrying a sign that read “give me your foolish, your cheaters, your unemployed”. She was going to grieve for this one though.  He seemed like a kindred spirit.  Don liked her cooking.  She liked his lovin. He really shouldn’t have lied to her. She found out.  She always did.  She turned on the portable cement mixer and sighed.  At least she could finish the back patio now.

19 thoughts on “Concrete Thinking

  1. paschal

    Spring break can’t come soon enough, eh?

    Ouch. Dee’s Atwood Touch strikes again. Quite funny, too, given the three prompt-words. Not exactly our grandmothers’ Hallmark cards.

    1. Dee

      Maybe I could start a new line of cards. Snarky Greeting Cards. Greeting Cards for those occasions that create a need for legal representation, Greeting Cards you will buy but never send? Tech conference coming up. A short break in Austin – all will be well 🙂 Til then I shall stay away from Home Depot…

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