Night Wings part 3

Three Word Wednesday CLXXV Prompts: Frantic, Lurch, and Odor

Continuing from Sunday Scribblings

Kystel looked around.  “This is it?”  She laughed bitterly.  “This isn’t any better than the dump you found me in!”

Ryall pulled her along. “Just wait!”

It was dark and dirty, nothing but old chunks of metal and discarded engine parts.  There was the odor of motor oil and garbage though underneath it Kystel got a whiff of something good that was making her mouth water.  Ryall guided her around a corner and then told her to follow him as he crawled under some pipes.  He stood on the other side and reached down and grabbed the handle on an overhead door and pushed it up.  Inside all was light and warm and there was definitely food cooking. She heard a thump and a string of curse words and some kind of metal tool dropped from somewhere above and landed near her feet.  She looked up and a pair of feet climbed down a metal ladder and a head leaned down.  A high-pitched nasal voice asked “Can you toss me that wrench?”  Startled, Kystel lurched to the side, nearly stumbling.  Ryall put out a hand to steady her and picked up the wrench. He tossed it up to a skinny guy in an aviator hat and goggles.

“Thanks mate!” There was a smile as he caught it and scrambled back up the ladder.  She looked at Ryall with one eyebrow raised.

“Ralph.  He is amazing with machinery.  I think he is part machine himself.”  Kystel just nodded.  She was staring around her and chewed on a strand of brown hair, a nervous habit. A couple in the corner was playing a frantic game of chess.  They moved so fast, the game was over as soon as it started.  Ryall said “Come on.”  She followed him over to the chess players.  “These are the twins, Lolly and Sloan. They can read each others’ minds.  Doesn’t matter how close they are or how far away. “Guys, this is Kystel. She’s a flyer like me.”

Lolly hugged Kystel.  “I’m so glad Ryall found you and glad you came with him.”

“Thanks.” Kystel turned as Sloan grabbed her hand.

“Ryall didn’t tell us you were hot!  Do you play chess?”

“Um, a little?”  Lolly slapped his arm. “Oh no you don’t!  Kystel don’t let him con you – he cheats!  Come on, lets get you something to eat.”

Kystel followed her gratefully.  She was starving and whatever was cooking in that pot on the stove smelled delicious.

“The rest of us will be here in about an hour.  Ralph sent them out looking for parts for the eschatometer.”

“The what?”

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7 thoughts on “Night Wings part 3

  1. paschal

    Eschatometer. Calibrating the end times? I had fun imagining the twins playing chess in their heads, with both of them declaring the eventual winner in mere seconds.

    1. Dee

      I’m having fun deciding what an eschatometer would do. Enjoyed your poem and Tina’s additions as well. I’ll be commenting later – winding down the week and trying to stay warm and dry – have a great Friday!

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