Night Wings part 2

Sunday Scribbling #200 prompt Milestone
Ryall twitched his wings and wheeled west grinning over his shoulder at Kystel. She tried the same maneuver and found it was easy. She darted after him watching his silhouette against the moon. Suddenly he was beside her pointing to a ledge. They both landed on it and he pulled her against the wall in the shadows. She heard an engine noise and he put his finger to his lips and pressed up against the stones. She had seen the dirigibles from the ground, but never so close. She could actually see the faces of pilots inside and the blinking lights on the sides would have been pretty if it hadn’t been for the terrifying sound of the steam engines that slowly pushed the huge balloon through the paths between the buildings. She and Ryall were still and silent as it passed by them.

“It’s gone. It won’t make this route again for hours.”

When Ryall found her she was living in an abandoned building, half starved. She still had so many questions but she was starting to see that maybe life wasn’t going to be completely horrible. She had hid the changes from everyone, including her family including her family until one day she and her younger brother had climbed out on the roof to sit and talk. They had been joking around and she tickled him and he started to slide. She grabbed for his hand but he kept going. She didn’t even think. She just jumped. She caught him and they floated to the ground. He stared at her, not with gratitude, but horror. She needed the wings and they were just there. She put him down and ran into the house. He followed her slowly. She was in her room, shoving things into a bag. He stood in the doorway, crying.

“Kystel, what are you going to do? What about Mom and Dad?”

Kystel kept packing. “You tell them I love them. If I stay you know what will happen, Matty. The Mekaneks will punish them because of me. ” After the wars some babies were born with special abilities and they were viewed as dangerous mutations and taken away. No one ever saw them again. The families were often treated as though they were contagious and they were shunned. Her dad could lose his job. She was not going to be taken away as though she had done something wrong.

“But where will you go?”

“I’ll find a place and when I can, I’ll let you know where I am. Now stop sniffing and wipe your nose.” She handed him a handkerchief and hugged him. “I love you Matty. I’m sorry.” She grabbed her bag and ran out the door. That had been months ago.

“Okay, ready?” Ryall’s voice jerked her back into the present and she nodded. He was taking her to others like them. She wasn’t sure she trusted him completely but she didn’t have a choice. She nodded and he leapt from the ledge with her following. It was darker now and the only light came from the streets below. She followed Ryall between buildings and over a part of town she didn’t recognize. Ryall pointed down at some kind of warehouse and headed down toward it. Kystel followed. They came to ground in a alley and Kystel was suddenly reluctant.

“Come on. You’re going to love them.” Ryall had his hand on the door handle.

“Wait. What if they don’t like me? What if they don’t want me to stay?” Kystel knew this was going to be some kind of milestone. Once she met the others and knew where they lived she was committed. Until now she could pretend that this was only temporary. That she would wake up and go home one day and everything would be the way it was.

“Kystel, everyone is afraid at first. You are one of us and we take care of each other.” Ryall pulled the handle and entered, holding it open for her. Kystel stepped inside.

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    1. Dee

      I haven’t read it but I shall go a-hunting now. I have very recently become the owner of a Kindle. A friend wants the iPad and sold me hers so Patterson may end up hanging around on it. My bifocals are loving the ability to make text larger!!

    1. Dee

      NO one’s brain should be in gear that early LOL (maybe it’s not early for you but your post here says 5:27 in the a.m.)
      I like escapism 🙂 Thank you!

  1. paschal

    Another fine developing story, Dee. You certainly have a bevy of them, don’t you? I like how, in Kystel’s flashback, you deftly laid in the necessary background, and the imagery of the dirigible viewing is wonderful.

    1. Dee

      I would have done the backstory a bit more slowly if I was stretching this out. Maybe a bit at a time. It’s hard to fit enough detail into a short piece. This is a trying it on kind of piece though I see inklings of more there.

  2. old egg

    After your earlier tempter you have really got us hooked with this “Milestone” episode. Let’s hope future prompts will permit us to read the ensuing story. Loved every word.

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