Coyote Season

just like Eve
reached for the apple
I stretched my hand
out to the tree though
I knew I shouldn’t

I came back with nothing
but leaves that crumpled
and disappeared on the
breeze please I said
wait I am not ready

I saw coyote running
she and the hawk
they sang to me
winter’s coming
winter’s coming

and just like the store
that dims the lights
near closing time
the light changed
harbinger of summer’s end

ushering in the wind that
will clear the land
for the coat of snow
to come sending
living things to warmer
faraway places

I asked coyote to stay
but he laughed
and said it’s just a trick
of the eyes leaves
in the dust turn to mud

colors fade and green
goes south for a time
and I will sleep
in the hush of frost
wrapped in fire

filled with need to cook
and bring warmth
turn up the lamp to
keep the shadows away
coyote the trickster

hides but the hawk
outs him and the smell of
bread and cinnamon
will hold off the sadness
and I will wait for spring

2 thoughts on “Coyote Season

  1. Jae Rose

    I could really feel the urgency of winter approaching – how it is harsh and uncomfortable..I love that you turn it around and winter becomes a place where you can create comfort for yourself (and others) in the wait for spring..Jae

    1. Dee Post author

      thank you Jae. I was thinking of when the kids were little and winter was a time of cooking and peeking out at the snow and how it used to make me feel, the smothered, softened, sound of the snow covered yard with the stars reflected at night. Winter is coming. Winter is coming.

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