The Week That Was

This week was a streak of color outside the window of a train I boarded and somehow got run over by.  The new building is really beautiful and I have covered nearly all of it multiple times a day.  Whatever I need to do next seems to always be on another floor at the other end of the world.

There have been minor issues but for the most part, everyone has their remote and their data projector is working.  Still a few audio issues but we are working those out.  Gradebooks are set up and and everyone has been so nice and patient with very little negative remarks.  It seems as though I have hit the ground running everyday and kept moving until I get home and become one with the recliner.

We are trying to get everyone to walk around the seal in the center of the hallway and I am having more trouble than anyone remembering. Yesterday I walked across it and just when I got to the other side I realized what I had done.  I stopped and hung my head and several custodians were sitting in the cafeteria and laughed at me.  One shook his finger and told me I should be ashamed of myself.  Even the custodians seem to be in a mood to joke and I know they are working hard too.  I am going to have to find a way to remind myself.  Usually I am already fifty feet ahead of myself in my mind and lost in thought.

The rain blown in by the hurricane cooled everything off for a bit but today it is terribly humid and I am feeling lazy even though I slept in until a decadent 7:30.  We made a trip to Home Depot for a light fixture for over the kitchen sink and to make some final decisions on range hood, sink, countertop and backsplash.  I am dreading the countertop part of things because once that begins there will be no sink until it is all put back together.  Unfortunately, life will go on anyway – just a bit inconveniently.  The ceiling is done and looks very nice.  We decided that we kinda rock, even if we were growling and snapping at each other toward the end of it.  We were both tired of the mess and tired of having our arms above our heads.  I would say, now that it is finished, that it was worth it.  I would not have said that in the midst of it.

Dale has been sanding and painting cabinets and I have done very little to help him this week.  I was just too tired.  The most activity I got was carrying my Baileys and milk to the chair on the back porch.  This weekend is for a little damage control.  the laundry is piling up and the rest of the house is looking like we are remodeling it as well.

The only thing negative thing I have to say about the new school, is while they are working on Jefferson Rd. and have it closed, the kids all have to come in from the loop.  I say a prayer every day that there will be no accidents.  I have seen kids walking along the loop heading home in the evening and I say a prayer for them too.

Soon, things will settle into a routine and I will be able to spend a little more time writing.  I am afraid that the next few weeks will be the same as the first.  Run run run, pass out.  I don’t think getting exercise in the winter is going to be a problem.  The stairs are going to be my saving grace this year.  No weather worries, just keep climbing 🙂

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