Our Children

still mulling over challenge day stuff.  this feels incomplete…maybe because my thoughts are still incomplete.

Maybe it can count for Sunday Scribbling prompt flashback as it came from flashes of conversations from earlier in the week

We are standing on your corners
with our arms held open wide.
We are running down your hallways.
We are burying your pride.

We are asking why we hunger
while you have more than you need.
We are crying in the darkness,
while you comfortably sleep.

We are walking to the bus stop.
We are playing in the street.
We are mirrors you won’t look at.
You’re a game that we can’t beat.

We can’t meet your expectations.
We don’t even know the rules.
If you think that we don’t see you,
you are shallow, empty fools.

We are growing strong and angry.
We are prices you can’t pay.
You think things will never change,
but we know there’ll come a day.

We don’t love the things that you love.
We resent the things you buy.
You have traded things for our blood,
and your children see and cry.

We are more like them than you are,
and you threw us all away.
You have treated us like garbage,
and you shake your head and say

“We don’t understand your hatred.”
“We don’t get why you don’t care.”
“Don’t you value other people?”
“Is there nothing you will share?”

“Won’t you take care of your children?”
“Won’t you work to get your own?”
“Don’t you dream of doing better,
eating meat, instead of bone?”

We are only what you taught us,
when you turned and looked away,
busy with your grown up dreams –
sleeping dogs no longer lay.

Will you weep for what you once knew?
Will you cry and wonder why?
Will you wish you had done better?
Will you mourn for what has died?

2 thoughts on “Our Children

  1. Old Egg

    We don’t seem to speak the same language and yet we judge others we don’t understand. It is most perplexing when you feel you need to do something to help but are incapable of saying the right things, doing the right things and even thinking the right things because our minds are so set with such selfish values.

    I haven’t got any answers I just feel an overwhelming frustration.

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