My Birthday Present

you must have stayed up
all night measuring and
figuring, pencil behind your ear
computations, calculations
formulating postulations
defying my imagination
geometry of fantasy
each drop of dew
placed for effect, reflect
refract the light as you
stepped into place you
found your mark and
pear trees stopped
their falling you were
calling and they struck a pose
and turned to stone
shadows thrown across
the field to cover over
hover on the grass the light
bright glass as stones
exquisitely cut and set
to let the dazzle soar and
roar a thousand times through
human eyes and I could hear
the bluebird wings
in silence I would bow
my head and thank you for
the grace to know that you
will be here every morning
but this one day was mine
and you were warming
all just for me

8 thoughts on “My Birthday Present

  1. Old Egg

    What a beautiful prayer of love and thanksgiving. You have certainly captured the essence, the essentials of our life on earth and our privilege of being part of it
    Absolutely captivating.

  2. Jae Rose

    I could feel the absolute rhythm of unconditional love in this beautiful piece. Of being a pair but still special. And as the others say, the flow was just spot on! Thanks as ever for your visit..Jae (I shall sleep thinking of those ‘geometries of fantasy’)

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