in dreams I fly
through dark and touch
the stars as I go by
a flick of wrist
and they go spinning
brushing clouds out
of my eyes and sighs
come knowing morning
is around the corner
but this night this one
dark dream goes on
past galaxies and
constellations cosmic
conflagrations causing even
scientists to pray the beauty
draws me on and in a
bed on earth a body
rests but heart and soul
have broken free and I will
curl around the moon and
touch the face that watches
over all each night and
learn the secret learn
the magic where the dreams
start when the sun goes
when the eyes close
I will know before I wake
and all the beauty I will
take along and on my
pillow in the dawn
bits of star and moonbeam
dust are all that’s left
except a feeling clinging at
the edges of my mind
that there is more
I reach to touch and dust
dissolves and floats away
on dust moat sunbeams
yawning I will sleep again
for journeys in the dark
are not a walk in any park
can’t be rubbed from sleepy eyes
and sighs and curling up
around my pillow moon will
wait and I will travel once again
when night returns–

Sunday Scribblings

16 thoughts on “Moondreams

  1. Jae Rose

    ‘I will curl around the moon’..just one of many magnificent images..a fine balance of sadness and hope..loss and understanding (and that photo..)Another great piece..Jae

  2. Old Egg

    These fantastic dreams of ours almost give us a glimpse into a world that was or is to come and perhaps we are comforted by that. Certainly your poetry removes us from the mundane and conjures up idyllic images.

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