Commercial Life

A bit of a rant…
There is a commercial for the Toyota highlander that makes me angry every time it comes on television. In the commercial the kid calls parents lame for not having a fancy new car and then explains why his mom “gets it” because she has this vehicle and extols all the virtues of said piece of rolling metal. He feels sorry for the kid with the lame parents, who hides and delays walking to his dad’s car after school because he is ashamed of the car. I detest how they portray people, especially in a time when people are worried about having a job period. Food and health insurance issues, gasoline prices getting more ridiculous by the day, homes being repossessed, and parents should be made to feel ashamed if they don’t have a shiny new vehicle with all the bells and whistles? Kids should be shown in a way that says it is not only alright to disrespect your parents for not owning a particular THING but it is COOL! Evidently I am not alone. When I googled Highlander commercial I found there is even a facebook page for people who think the commercial sucks. That in itself seems to say something about our world. Sometimes you just have to shake your head.

I wouldn’t have one if they gave it to me…

Snow day is over and I was extremely unproductive. A lot of time was spent in pajamas in front of the fireplace. I watched Bonneville which was kind of sad but made me laugh and Life As a House which made me cry. Potato soup for lunch, omelets cooked by daughter for supper, a glass of wine and yes I believe I will take my kindle and head for bed. Back to the world tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Commercial Life

  1. anno

    makes me feel better about NOT having TV… even if it means missing BBT.

    Your values, however, seem spot on: perfect way to spend a snow day!

  2. paschal

    Dee: I’m with Anno again: I like the poem of your “unproductive” day: any day with potato soup and omelets sho ain’t unperductiv. Great counterpoint to Toyota snarkiness. Amen to your rant.

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