Waiting For Words

words run away
like wishes leaping off a bridge
I would leap too if you
told me to
I would do it all
dare and doubledare
bet I would
if I could
though I know
I shouldn’t

thoughts slip through
sticky fingers
steal away tomorrow
just on the edge of dawn
I’m safe here
maybe that’s the problem
too much comfort
not enough chance

I try to catch them
off in the nether fields
of green waiting for rain
waiting for sun
for a mind that is calm
for a settled heart
for hands that catch
but not cling
for words that rest easy
on paper that doesn’t
as though I committed
a crime that sits
heavy on shoulders
that would carry more
I wait

3 thoughts on “Waiting For Words

  1. paschal

    Wanted to take a moment to set a spell. Ain’t no crimes in here, Ms Dee: I suspect the problem is too many poems running in the glee: you need more hands and sticky fingers to catch them. I love the whimsy of the first stanza; I am currently going steady with too much comfort / not enough chance; and the third stanza is a beautiful lamenting prayer.

    1. Dee

      just me whistling past the alley, refraining from stepping on cracks, throwing slat over my shoulder, and taking long detours around ladders…

  2. Jae Rose

    ‘wishes leaping off a bridge’..there’s a thought..I guess you can catch them whilst staying safe and watching from the railings..it does tend to happen that words erupt when there’s a little volcano inside..but maybe we just feel guilty listening to our happiness muse rather than our miserable muse..I think you find those words just fine..Jae 🙂

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