My Brain Is Too Tired To Write (Warning – whining inside…)

okay this was my day…
I arrived, went to the 2nd floor where the lab is, turned on my computer, opened the blinds, locked up my purse, went to the other end of the building to put my lunch in the refrigerator, went back to the other end of the building, downstairs to ask the secretary if she had any compressed air, checked on what my part needed to be in another lab where some testing was to take place, went to said lab where things were already in progress. went upstairs to the other end of the building for morning tutorials, went downstairs back to testing lab, things were okay so I went back to the other end of the building (after fixing a printer paper jam) to the office and got the ladder stopping off in another office to get a can of compressed air, took the ladder upstairs checked on my lab, went to the other end of the building and entered 8 classrooms (one at a time of course) setting up the ladder, removing the filter from the data projector on the ceiling and using said can of compressed air to clean the filter, re-installed the filter, moved on to the next one.  Took the ladder back to my lab (at the other end of the building) and checked email, created spreadsheet to keep track of data projector maintenance and entered data from jobs completed, sent email asking for list of audio/visual issues for a meeting on Friday, (somewhere in there I went with the tech guy to install a video card and cables for a computer in a room that just got a data projector, also discussed getting external speakers (researched and sent link to tech director) created spreadsheet for the audio/visual issue emails, checked on a teacher station that for some reason was not seeing network drives (put in a work order on it)
Ate lunch.
Went back upstairs, got ladder and can of compressed air, took it downstairs to other end of the building and did maintenance on 6 more projectors.  Checked email, added issues to audio/visual spreadsheet, entered completed jobs into maintenance spreadsheet.  Filled out timesheet (getting paid is kind of important), took a restroom break, got a PO, ran to walmart for some supplies (including more compressed air), came back to school, turned in receipt, took ladder back downstairs to supply closet, slid a printer that had arrived at the office into the conference room for the night (will need to get it set up in the classroom in the morning.

Now I am home. Supper, a glass of wine, a shower and bed.


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