Winged Sunset

I hope this isn’t a repost. I have been neglecting everything lately. My excuse is health – I have been gimping around on a bad knee. I go to the ortho doc tomorrow so maybe he will give me some answers. I have had pain and the last few days it just seems to be asleep. Physically the tingly being asleep feeling is preferable to the pain but a little scary as well. My job makes it a bit difficult to stay off the leg and I am not even sure that I should – stay off it or exercise? One of the answers I hope to have tomorrow.

I have been sneaking up on nanowrimo but not keeping up with the word count. I made the decision this year to use nanowrimo as an excuse to begin but to continue past November and just keep working on it so the word count is not as important to me as continuing to work at it every day even if it is just a few sentences or working out a plot point in my head.

That is what is going on with me…along with planning for the holidays, looking forward to my son’s wedding, and working on the house.

Kitchen, living room, hallway, back bedroom, and bathroom done. Two bedrooms to go. I will post tomorrow.


the bird still climbs
the highest tree
to watch the setting sun
knows night will fall
and dark come down
but through it all
the dawn will come
and as the day
comes to an end
clings to his branch
through wind and night
the world be hidden
from his sight
he waits and hopes
through pain and sorrow
keeps watch eternal
for tomorrow

2 thoughts on “Winged Sunset

  1. Jae Rose

    I love that little bird..made me think of a hymn at Sunday school..’Jesus bids us all with a pure clear a little candle burning in the night’ ( if memory serves)’s nice to know there is always something watching over us on that top branch..good luck with your appointment..I hope tomorrow is less busy than today..Jae

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