Rainy Day Dog

Roxie after a bath

If you let a white dog outside on a damp, muggy day she will want to run around in the wet dirt. If she runs around in the wet dirt she will just get more wound up and you will have to take her for a walk. If you take her for a walk she will be curious and have to investigate everything she sees and smells. If she investigates everything she see and smells she might get a sticker in her fur. If she gets a sticker she will whine and lick at it and you will have to go home. If you walk home on the damp, muggy day, the white dog will be muddy. If the white dog gets  muddy you will have to give her a bath. If you give her a bath you will find the sticker. If you find the sticker you will have to cut it out of her fur with scissors. If you cut the sticker out of her fur she will happily shake water all over you. If she shakes water all over you, you will have to wrap her in a towel. If you wrap her in a towel she will shiver and curl up until you turn on the blow dryer. If you turn on the blow dryer she will roll around and rub her face on the rug while you dry her off. If you dry her off she will run around in circles for a few minutes, then jump in your lap and look up at you with little black eyes and wait. If she waits you must give her a cookie. If you give her a cookie, she will take a nap. If she takes a nap she will wake up and want to go outside and run around……

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