Whispered Hope?

Well if I try to assess things objectively, Dale is complaining more today so that means he is better I think. He still can’t eat as much as he should but in the last two days he has gotten bathed and his hair washed and while those things pretty well knocked him out it was a very short time ago that he didn’t even care. He is still running temp and maybe we will get news about that tomorrow. He is up a little more and likes to go for a ride just to get out of the house. He is asking questions about the time frame of the last few weeks – he lost at least a whole week and that has to be pretty unsettling. His vision is quirky but that can happen when you aren’t getting good dialysis so we will ask the doc about it if it continues. He still gets hiccups and loses his breath and that causes pain but it seems to be happening a little less frequently and with a little less severity. I’m afraid to be hopeful so pretend this blog is written in a “whisper”

2 thoughts on “Whispered Hope?

  1. B.J.

    I forgot you had this new blog – good news to hear about Dale, even if it means he’s just complaining more, lol.

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