Discharge Morning!

Dale is walking the hall as I write this. They haven’t even brought breakfast yet and he is already packed and ready to get out of here! We have a few questions to ask before they turn us loose as far as medicine and transplant clinic appointments and then we will be out of here.

My son’s debate coach is bringing him to us after the meet today and he will spend the night. BJ is bringing my daughter tomorrow and they will spend the day and then they will all go home together so we will have a little family reunion. I won’t have internet at the apartment – I tried to go through AT&T wifi but there isn’t a hotspot close enough believe it or not so I will have to write and then zip over to the coffee shop down the block to actually publish and check email so I may not be posting quite as often but I may post several at a time.


Creatinine is down to 5.1 so while we would like it to move a little quicker at least it IS moving in the right direction so we shall be out of here as soon as the nephrologist checks him out!

1 thought on “Discharge Morning!

  1. Sondra

    YEA!!! So glad to hear that Dale is out and doing so good!!! Keep up the good work and have a wonderful weekend with the kids. Love,

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