We’re Out!

Dale was dressed and sitting in the chair waiting at 6:00 this morning and that was NOT a good thing. We had to wait for rounds, wlicenseplate.jpgait for the med sheet to be updated, and wait for the nephrologist to look him and the meds over and pass judgement. It was after twelve by the time we got out and everyone was so nice but Dale was tired and not too happy that he had to wait so long. He is now free til Monday morning when we have to be at DTI (Dallas Transplant Institute) at 8:00 AM.

That will give us time to visit with the kids and get his medicine lined up for the next few days. He swallows a handful of pills twice a day and a few in between. We have the large economy size pill organizer and we will get it filled tomorrow.

First day out we came back to the apartment and unpacked and ate lunch. Dale got a nap and then we went to get his prescriptions filled and stopped by the Whole Foods Market for some healthy goodies.
Another nap, time to check sugar, take evening pills, eat, and then we will go over to the coffee shop next door where we can sit out a a picnic table and I will have internet access so I can publish this!

We ended up in the Baylor lobby online waiting for our debating son to get here instead of the coffee shop but this will work too!

3 thoughts on “We’re Out!

  1. Sally McEwin

    Smiles everywhere around here…we are so happy for all of you. Keep Dale warm and feed him well. Thanks for the diligence of your blog. It is wonderful to know all’s well. Dale and Sondra are very special people…you are too, Dee!

  2. Sharon Ashmore

    Have loved keeping up with you all. So happy to hear that Dale is “out”!! I hope you all have a peaceful weekend and things keep going well. You’re always in my thoughts and prayers. Miss ya Dee.

  3. B.J.

    I’m glad things are finally working out for you guys. Bringing Kinsey and Jessica to see you is no problem whatsoever – I feel like at least I am able to do something for you and Dale. So as long as you guys are not at home, I will keep bringing them to see you on the weekends – it makes me feel like i am able to do something. My prayers are with you – bj

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