First Weekend Out After Transplant

My son got here last night (thanks to his debate coach and the two fellow debaters that came along to keep her company!) and BJ brought my daughter today. It was fun and good to have them all here. I miss the kids. We went out for lunch adn then all of us went to the Whole Foods Store. I felt bad because our grocery trip was paid for by someone and that store is pretty expensive. Dale can wander for hours through the produce and cheese sections. I got some good pasta sauce and steamed some broccoli and made a pasta dish for later. He got some grapes and some apple and blueberry breakfast sausage to try.

So far he hasn’t had to give himself insulin since we left the hospital so I hope that’s a good sign. It isn’t going low – just not high enough to need insulin.

We are sitting at Cafe Brazil right now so I can use the internet. It is so crazy – yesterday it was 80 degrees and today it is 40 and misting rain. It is foggy enough that we can’t see the top of the buildings downtown.

Tomorrow is Dale’s first appointment at DTI and we will get labs drawn and see if we are still doing well with the creatinine. He is feeling pretty good and got a good shower for the first time this morning. He is having to sleep in the recliner – he isn’t used to laying flat and his incision needs to heel a bit more before he will be comfortable in bed all night.

3 thoughts on “First Weekend Out After Transplant

  1. Sally McEwin

    Keep Dale warm….winter may (or may not) have arrived in north Texas. Put Dale in one of those “go carts” at Whole Foods and have fun. You can stay there all day and just snack from the displays! Ha! A sense of humor goes a long way, and Dale definitely has a sense of humor. Now that he’s feeling better, he probably has some great stories. Miss ya!

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