My Life As A Computer Program

Scribblesoup for Writers Block has an intriguing prompt this week – your life as a computer program.

#57: Life, programs….viruses
If your life was a computer program what would it be? Are there upgrades, viruses…?

My life as a computer program

  1. I would probably be one of those time wasting games that is fun but not particularly useful.
  2. I would be a beta version (forever)
  3. There are no cheatsheets – you just have to learn as you go
  4. There will be spam and lots of it
  5. There is a virus and it periodically slows everything down – it can be partially cleaned but never completely removed (guess I’m a PC LOL)
  6. There are hotkeys that set off certain sequences of events (see number 3) and forget the undo button – it’s disabled
  7. It WILL occasionally freeze up and nothing will work except to reboot (hope you saved – now I know I’m a PC)
  8. Some parts of the program are poorly designed and while they serve a purpose, they could have been written much better.
  9. There are “easter eggs” but you have to really hunt for them (if you don’t know what an easter egg is go here)
  10. There is a manual but you will have to study it your whole life and you still won’t “see” until you die.
  11. I will interact with other “programs” but not always well and often with unexpected results.
  12. I won’t always do what I’m supposed to do, but sometimes I will do even more and better!
  13. Sometimes you will click all the right buttons and I still won’t do anything.
  14. There are upgrades but they are costly and don’t always get the desired result 🙂 (warning – they may not be compatible with the old system)
  15. I will use a lot of resources and won’t always start when I should.  There are NO menus )see number 3)

2 thoughts on “My Life As A Computer Program

  1. Paige Lewis

    I found this very humorous, just like you! If I was a computer program I would be one that checks the online bill pay and facebook then closes down!

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