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Three Word Wednesday cxcvi acrid bane tepid

Hello from a motel in Opelousas 🙂

chocka chocka chocka
road seams keeping time
wheels turn wheels turn
taking me to and away
miles and miles of separation
mind numbing vibration
other lives not chosen
distance closing
change is coming
I am going home
other eyes other hands
trailing memories in my wake
what to take
and what to leave behind
years of days good times passing
in between the standing still
seconds ticking moments picking
what to choose what to lose
the pieces of
puzzle unfinished
would have wished for
less or more
a closing door
while I would throw
the window open
acrid smell of smoking
ashes burned up past
I cast aside the tide
the trees the sands of
dream stuff trickled
through my fingers
scent that lingers in
my hazy waking thoughts
we fought but kept
the peace the signs
were there
the choice we bear
hours of discussion
scenery keeps on rushing
past the kudzu frosting
we are lost in
separate but together ties
that bind us
still remind us
of the roads that swallow
up the miles
that start as inches
late night conversations
day to day familiar
obligations passions cooled
to tepid hesitation
future is a blacked out game
wishful thinking
all a bane
eternal as the pines and rain
I hold my breath a beat
or two
fingertip to fingertip
I walk with you

Wolf Moon Meadow

Three Word Wednesday cxciii: erase, meadow, trace

Jae sank down to the ground.  She whimpered.  “Too much! Too much!”  She buried her nose in the dirt but even that was alive with a million scents.  Aedan stopped and turned toward her.  His voice in her head, with all the night sounds.  He spoke over all the sounds and the invisible string from his voice attached itself to something deep in her.

She joined with the pack, erasing all trace of confusion.  She took a few steps and whined again. One of the others nipped at her hind quarters and before she could react, Aedan was between her and the offending wolf.  She looked on from the side as Aedan stared at the wolf, hackles bristling.  He stood silent and proud while the other wolf rolled onto its back, exposing it’s throat.  Aedan stared for a moment and then walked away.  Jae turned and followed close behind.

The meadow was bathed in moonlight. It made the silver tips of Aedan’s fur glow.  Aedan stopped and turned to look at her.  She hesitated, filled with the night and the strangeness.  She lowered her body, arched her back and tucked her tail.  She would trust him to keep her safe.

The Favored One

Three Word Wednesday cxcii hidden noble roam

Mackenzie curled up on the swing on the back porch with her book.  The swing creaked and if you moved wrong you would get splinters, but it was her favorite place.  Ever since Mom dropped her off at gram’s six years ago, the swing was her refuge.  Gram knew that if she was sideways on the swing with her legs up, clutching the blue and yellow cotton pillow, it was “leave me alone” time.

In the summer, she sat on the swing while Gram sat in the rocking chair, both with metal pans on their lap, snapping beans.  Mackenzie loved those times.  Gram told stories.  When it rained, Mackenzie would sit on the swing and listen to the water pelting the tin roof.

When they got the news that Mackenzie’s Mom wouldn’t be coming back, she stayed on the swing all day, not speaking.  Gram brought the blue and yellow pillow to her then and it had stayed on the swing ever since.  Everyone should have a place.  This was hers.  Gram always understood.

It was hers, except at night, that is.  Mackenzie never ever went outside at night.  Not even to the porch.  Gram said things were hidden in the dark.  Mackenzie knew she was right.  She had seen them roaming in the shadows of the woods behind the house.  They were never clear, too dark in the shadows.  She saw enough.  Gram said the noble spirits lived up in the high places.  In the summer they walked up into the hills and Gram was teaching her to see.

“Quiet your mind Mackenzie. Really look, not just at what you expect to see.  See past the shadows. Tell me what you see.”  That had been a good session.  The best.

“Mackenzie, your mother would be proud of you.”  They were walking back down the hill and stopped at a waterfall.  It was warm and they sat on a ledge and stuck their feet in the cool water.

“”I miss her.”

“I know you do, but you have grown into a lovely young woman and you have been a good student.  You are stronger than she was, stronger than me.  When we get back to the house, I have something for you.”

“And I guess you aren’t going to tell me what it is?”  Mackenzie smiled.  Gram liked to tease her.

“No but the longer we sit here, the longer it will be til you know.”

They put their shoes back on and headed down the hill.  “Wait here.” Gram went into the house.  When she came back she had a stick in her hand.  It was carved and about a foot in length.  “Gram, it’s beautiful!”

“It was your mother’s.  When her body was found, they sent it to me.  I kept it until you were ready.”

She handed MacKenzie the wand and sat down next to her on the swing.  “For the last two nights I have seen a Bodach in the woods behind the house.  If you are left here alone there are things you need to know.  I’ve taught you what I can.”

“Gram, I can’t even think!  No, you must have been mistaken.  Here.  Take it back!”

“No.  Listen to me.  She took a red ribbon out of her pocket and placed her hand on the wand with Mackenzie.  She wound the ribbon around and around the wand. With each wind she spoke the words, “The power of Rowan protects me and thee.”

“I love you granddaughter.”  Mackenzie shook her head.

“I will not let anything happen to you.” Mackenzie put her hand on her grandmother’s cheek.

“We don’t choose, when my time comes it comes.  I don’t think anything will happen in the next few minutes though so why don’t we get ready for bed.  I’m an old woman you know and that trek up the hill today wore my old bones out.”

Mackenzie frowned.  “You’re sure you’re okay?”

“Yes, child. Come on.  Let’s go to bed!”

Mackenzie’s sleep was restless.  She tossed and clutched at the blankets.  She woke up just before dawn.  A crow cawed from a branch outside her window.  Mackenzie sat straight up and shivered.  With the feeling of dread building with every step, she padded to her grandmother’s room, her bare feet cold on the floor.  “Gram?”

She stepped through the door, no snoring, no sound at all.  “Gram?”  She went to the bed and knew even before she touched her.  She was gone.  “Oh Gram.  No.”  She crawled up onto the bed next to her and smoothed her gray hair.  She cried until there was nothing left but gulping sobs.  What was she going to do now?  She was not ready to be alone.  The sun was high before she got up and wiped her face.  She slowly went about washing and putting on clothes. She looked in the mirror and started to cry again.”You look like you’re ready.  You’re a mess!”  she told the reflection bitterly.  She washed her face again and went out to the back porch.  She took the shovel and headed to the path at the base of the hill. There was a small grove of trees there.  She began to dig the grave.

Summer Begins

Three Word Wednesday CXCII budge, nimble, theory

been feeling kind of dry lately.  Here’s to summer and energy and creativity!

winter soul is
dark and dry
cracked and peeling
strips and scraps
hidden in a penumbra
of busyness
no amount of scraping
or searching
will budge the edges
hedged in ragged
bowed head in
a cold wind
wound around
choking smoking
theories clearly
sloughed off like so
much dead bark
dried leaves crumbled

soft morning air
heavy dew
summers breath
rains down and fills
crevasses and crannies
nooks and corners
step out into the
light of day
drink it in
nimble thoughts
race through pastures
glaciers gone
white to blue
green to new
draped in color
teeming streaming
abounding reach
out to pick lush


Three Word Wednesday CXCI Abandon Precise Gradual

unable to remember
the precise moment
the turning
was it a point
a corner
a missed sign
a line crossed
so gradual
so bad you will
not notice not see
the change in direction
just shadows on
the wall we all need
protection from repercussions
choices abandoned
a hand on a shoulder
wiser older prone to thinking
not jumping not sinking
into sand it’s quicker
but stop and look
before you leap
keep the bones they
are not broken and
neither are you just
turn again you never
know where it will
take you for ever
is a long time to regret
forget heavy thoughts
you bought the atlas
turn the pages sages
don’t know everything
it’s just pretty pictures
little songs to sing don’t cling
to past mistakes just
shake it off and cross
it off the list the wish
the yesterday is gone
weighed down
in sleep awake
and take a chance

Laughter Is The Best…

Three Word Wednesday CXC: dread grasp pacify

Dustin paced around the apartment, movements growing jerky as minutes ticked by.  He walked in erratic circles, closer to where she sat, knees pulled up, arms clasped tightly around her legs.

She learned months ago that there was no point in trying to pacify him.  The rage would run it’s course.

“What do you want me to do?” He grasped the tufts of hair on either side of his head and pulled it.  “What do you want me to do?”

She dreaded this part.  She knew it did no good to answer and knowing what was coming she should have been running instead of sitting here ticking off the steps like a shopping list.  The laughter sat in her belly, shaking her, as she tried to tamp it down, bury it.

“What do you want me to do?”  He walked faster and knocked the clock off the table as he cruised by, pulling his hair, elbows out like some kind of manic chicken. “See what you made me do?”

He walked toward her and the laughter sitting inside, burst out and she doubled over, tears streaming down her face, holding her sides.  She laughed so hard she barely felt the first blow.  After that she didn’t care.

Heart Colours

Three Word Wednesday CLXXXVIII escape, hum, and vibrant

there are rooms in my heart
I move though them and change colour
a chameleon butterfly
sun dog after storm rays
changing with the seasons

timid wanting approval room  gray
and brown and fears mistakes
with a sinking stomach ache
hums through the dark fingering
good luck charm and how to manual

selfish blood red grabs self and shakes it
squeezing it dry for holding on too tight
resenting every and all and wishing
for more, for less for anything but what is
chewing bitterness gum

heart that escapes through the attic window
vibrant blue and yellow ochre
boat rocker, wing flapper
throw caution to the wind, faith leaper
poetry in motion, life lover

so I come here bringing all those selves
and hope for something that takes shape
that doesn’t crumble or tremble or
creep away in the shadows but
lets me sit amid the rooms in peace

Testing Testing

Three Word Wednesday: depart, ignite, rotten
in “honor” of TAKS week

sparks ignite
tiny fires
in the dark
a scan would show
where the heat lies
potential can be measured
by bubbled pages with
number two pencils
dot the eyes and cross the tees
this one is rotten
it says so right here
depart from rigid and
flow with time and circumstance
find the cure the end
justify the means
the average the mundane
no magic here
no one can pull out that sword
where’s merlin when we need him
spit the words out and tell us the answer
do you know
are you cognizant
ambivalent of the requisite
documentation do you have
your papers in order
to cross the border

the gulls are singing and waves
and sun and seasoned wind
time tells but not the how
or why look into the water
seers scry and love rounds
the corners the sharp
edges pray hedges around
the knight fails
and the beggar rules
the house of cards tell
the tale the dice fell
no prescription for what ails
just love and hope
give it get it want it
need it learn it
earn it
summer heals all

Congrats to BunnyGirl – – can’t wait to read her new book Maelstrom!

A Walk On The Beach

I had no idea where I was going with Three Word Wednesday prompts brash, lubricate, and saint until I visited here and took a walk on the beach. click.

a night at the beach what is left

toes covered in sugary sand

lubricated by coconut lotion frosting

seagulls squawk and dive

in sunglass mirrors

brash waves run up and tease

leaving bits of flotsam

angel shells

seaweed hair

siren songs

salty jetsam ain’t no saint

hips swaying

Beach Boys playing

cool breeze drives the sun down

down into the deep

just follow the moonlight trail

to the end of the world

where dawn sleeps

Wolf Moon Reunion

Three Word Wednesday Deviate,Identify, Saturate

“Come in child.”

She staggered through the door.  Simon closed it behind her.

“Put him on the bed.” There was a raccoon in the corner, standing on his back legs and hissing.

Simon picked him up and gently put him outside. “Away with you now, you’ll not want to be here when that wolf wakes up.”

He lit a couple of lamps and pulled a chair up near the bed so he could examine the wolf.  Jae stood ramrod straight, arms at her sides, even though she was exhausted.  Simon carefully looked at the wound and without looking up, told Jae to sit down.

Jae stood there for a moment and then wearily, pulled another chair up to the other side of the bed.  “You don’t have to take care of me.  Just see to him.” She laid her head on the bed next to the wolfs face and stroked his muzzle.

“I don’t need two patients.  There is some bread over on the shelf. Get yourself some water and eat. I’ll to need your help and I don’t want you passing out.”

Jae’s face was burning.  Even after all this time, he could make her feel like a guilty child, with a few words. She got up and walked to the shelf and broke off a hunk of bread.  She then dipped water from a bucket into a cup and drank.  Simon moved calmly around the room mixing herbs into pastes and doing whatever it was that he always did.  He took a bowl of something over to the bed and a cloth and told her to soak the cloth in the liquid in the bowl and drip it into the wolves mouth.

“What is it?”

“Just something to keep him asleep while I take that bullet out.”

Jae took the cloth and did as Simon instructed.  “Will Aedan be okay?”

“He’s lost a lot of blood, but he’s strong. You know I’ll do my best.”  Simon worked pulled the lantern closer.  He worked quietly and once he removed the bullet he looked at Jae. “If we can keep him quiet and keep the wound from getting infected, he will heal.”

A distant howl could be heard in the silence of the house. Jae stared at the blood that saturated the blanket and started to shake.

“Go on child – get out.  He’ll be asleep for hours.”

Jae stroked Aedan’s fur and murmured something in his ear and stood.  “Thank you.”

Simon nodded and waved her off.  Jae turned and walked out to the porch.  In a few moments there was nothing left on the porch but a pile of clothes.  Jae changed and trotted away from the light of the house and then flew through the dark, her senses so acute, she could identify a rabbit that ran for its home and she smelled a deer, near by.  She was hungry and she would bring meat to Aedan who would need to eat to heal.  She chased the deer into the woods and circled around. She ran up an outcropping and hunkered down and froze, still and quiet. The rock bordered the trail on one side and on the other was thick undergrowth.

The deer was wary but stepped daintily along the path and when it was in the natural chute and couldn’t deviate from the direction it had chosen, Jae leapt and clamped her jaws on it’s throat.  It was over in minutes and when she had eaten her fill, she tore off pieces of flesh and carried them back to the house.  She ran up the steps and dropped the still warm meat on the porch, whining at the door.

Simon opened the door and light from the lanterns inside spilled out into the night.  He couldn’t help smiling at her.  “I’ll take it.  I’ve bandaged him and he’ll sleep for awhile yet.  He’s still breathing.”

Jae lowered her head once and then held it up proud, gazing up at him with golden eyes.  Simon stepped back inside, closing the door to give her privacy while she changed back and dressed hurriedly.  When she entered the house, Simon was sitting at the table, cutting the meat into bite sized pieces.

They would have to stay here for awhile.

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Three Word Wednesday caustic hunch sacrifice

shoulders hunched
bunched with tension
no pretension
helpless heart unshielded
soft belly yielded
weighted down by caustic words
jagged shards
drawing blood, invisible flood of
pain the streams
through dreams
of future man
the sacrifice, no plan
no thought for
tomorrow’s sorrow

Wolf Moon

Three Word Wednesday  CLXXXII Brazen, Hunger, and Nuzzle

She cradled his warmth, gently nuzzling his fur. He had fought the hunger, trying to brazen it out, until it became too much and the moon called him.  He tried to ignore the call of the smells coming from the barn, but the siren song of the tides and the smell of warm flesh pulled him like the ebb and flow of the waves.  There was a gunshot and now she sat weeping, blood on her hands.

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Night Wings Part 8

Three Word Wednesday : Amaze, Frail, and Sacred

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Joshua stood looking out at the sunset.  There had been meetings with men pounding fists and expounding on opinions about right thinking and he was tired of it all.

He wasn’t really.  He was just very tired this night.  It would be better in the morning.   He just needed sleep.  He should go home.  His wife was there.  The house would be silent.  Claire would be silent.   The house had become a sort of sacred shrine to Ryall. Claire blamed him, of course.

There was no choice.  What could he do?   He would have lost everything he had worked for and in the end it wouldn’t have helped Ryall.  As a member of the Guild, the only thing he could do was send the boy away.  It was the right thing to do.  Still.  Ryall had been their only child. He missed his boy so much.  He couldn’t think about that now.  He had responsibilities and obligations.

After the last war, rebuilding was a long and difficult ordeal.  Much of our infrastructure was destroyed and many of the greatest minds were gone taking vision and knowledge with them.

Small pockets of community became little strongholds at first.  As they repaired and rebuilt, they began to barter with others and smaller groups joined together.

In past times, society had revolved around people – the individual.  What’s good for me, what makes me happy.  The frailty of the old system caused it to fall apart.  That kind of selfish thinking led to war.  No one wanted more of that.

They needed machinery to rebuild.  They needed dirt movers, machines to help with construction, protection from the weather, ways to travel, ways to feed ourselves.  Men with talent and ability taught others with aptitude and the Mekaneks Guild was born.

The Guild was necessary.  Joshua was given power and responsibility.  Sending Ryall away was the only way to protect him.

The Guild meetings today were about The Solution.   That was actually what they were calling it.  The Guild was discussing the ReBorns problem.  They wanted to formulate a policy, a plan.  They wanted order and mechanical answers that they could understand.

“People expect us to keep them safe.  These ReBorns are a threat.” Guild member Thomas was pounding the table with each syllable for emphasis.  “If we can’t control them citizens will think we can’t control other things, like our work and the machines.  They will start to doubt us!”

“And what, Thomas?  What will they doubt?  All citizens care about is their own lives and that we keep the city together, and speaking of that, maybe we could get back to discussing our jobs.”  Joshua said calmly.

Joshua had to walk a careful line.  He hoped that if Ryall was with the other ReBorns, they would stay out of sight.

Ryall and Kystel were to go out after dark.  Ryall was still amazed that he had found someone like him.  Flying was the biggest rush of his life but so much better with someone to share it.   He didn’t know Kystel was a flyer when he first met her.  He just knew she was alone and needed help.  It happened that way.  The gift manifested itself and families sent them away.  Some parents turned their own kids in.  No one knew what happened to the ones who were turned over to the Mekaneks, but Ryall promised himself he would help as many as he could.

“What are you thinking about?”  Ryall didn’t hear Kystel walk up behind him.

“I was thinking about the others out there like us.”

Kystel smiled at him.  “We’ll find them.  Like you found me.”

They heard the sound of the others returning.  They came in carrying canned food, more parts for Ralph, and Sloan held out a newspaper.  Ryall looked at him and took the paper.  On the front page the headline read Mekaneks Repair Sabotage!.  The article went on to accuse ReBorns of sabotaging the water system that fed the city and kept steam engines powering the city.  There was a picture of two Mekaneks under the article.  Ryall threw the paper on the floor and walked away. Kystel watched him go, puzzled and bent to pick up the paper.  She read the article.

“Why would anyone sabotage the water supply?”  She asked.

“Kystel, it’s a bunch of lies to make people afraid of us.  It makes it harder for us to go out because normals will be watching for us and wanting to turn us over to the Mekaneks.”  Sloan sounded disgusted.

“I’m going to go find Ryall.” Kystel thought he seemed more upset than the article warranted.

She found him up on the roof.  He was looking out over the city.  “Are you ready?” He asked her without turning around.

“Yes, if you are.”  She stood beside him, watching him.  He was pale and shaking with anger.

“Let’s go.”  He climbed up on the parapet and held down his hand to her.  She climbed up next to him and grinned.  They both dove and it was just like she remembered.  The silence except for the rush of air.  The lightness and the complete joy of it.  Ryall soared above her and she wheeled around and followed, watching his dark silhouette in front of a bright moon.  Whatever had him twisted up would loosen it’s grip in this sky, that much she was sure of.  He darted down again with her right behind, heading east across the city.  He pointed a little to the south and she nodded and they changed direction.  He was steadily dropping and as they got closer she could see a long ditch with pipes running along the edges.  It narrowed when it got to the city proper and branched off in all directions.  He waved at a section that had a bridge going across the top and they came down softly in the darkness.

“This is where they say ‘ReBorns’ caused damage”.  She looked around but there was nothing amiss that she could see.  “I don’t understand!”

Ryall nodded. “Exactly.”

“So it really was just lies. I saw your face after you looked at that newspaper.  Is that what made you so angry?”

Ryall turned away.  Kystel tugged on his arm.  “Come on Ryall. I can tell it really got to you. You can trust me.  I want to help.”

He turned and looked at her.  “I trust you Kystel.” He said tiredly.  “It’s just that I recognized one of the men on the front page.”

“You knew him?”  She asked him.

“Yeah I knew him.  Very well. He’s my dad.”

“Your father?  A Mekanek?  Wow, I don’t even know what to say.”

“The others don’t know, but it looks like I’m going to have to tell them.”  Ryall was about to say something else when they heard a noise.  Out of the shadows came two guys swinging pieces of pipe.  Ryall yelled for Kystel to take off and as they leapt for the sky, a pipe connected with one of Ryall’s wings.  He grunted but kept going.  They headed up and back north and west.  Kystel could see Ryall was having some difficulty now so she stayed as close as possible.  They should have known better than to go to the place mentioned in the newspaper.  They weren’t flying very fast and Kystel prayed he would make it back to their building.  Finally their roof was visible.  She landed with Ryall right behind her, but not his usual graceful move.  He came down hard and rolled to the side, his wings folded around him.  He laid still for a moment and gritting his teeth in pain, told Kystel to get Emelia.

“Will you be okay?”  She didn’t want to leave him.  He was helpless.  He couldn’t fly and he couldn’t walk down the stairs with his wings like that. He was shivering now.

“I’ll be fine.  Just hurry.”

“I’ll be right back!”  She ran down the stairs to Emelia’s room and pounded on her door.

“Whatever it is, can’t it wait til morning?”  Emelia griped.

“Emelia, it’s Ryall.  He’s hurt! You have to hurry”  Kystel was frantic.

“I’m coming.  Hang on.” the door opened and Emelia emerged wearing a leopard print robe and slippers. “Don’t look at me like that.  Come on.”  Emelia pounded on the room next to hers on the way.  “Come on Sloan, I need you!”

Kystel lead her up the stairs to where Ryall lay moaning.

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Night Wings 6

Night Wings is an ongoing story.  To read more you can click on the nightwings tag at the top of the page, bottom of the post or down on the sidebar choose nightwings from the drop down box called Riffling the Files.

Three Word Wednesday CLXXVIII: Generate Meager Tease

When Ryall could breathe again he suggested Lolly show Kystel around, where to sleep and where they kept their meager stash of clothing.  Emelia and Arkin went to eat while Ryall and Sloan helped Ralph carry his finds to his workshop.

They carried odd pieces of metal and glass and wire, things he was too tired to try to identify.  Ralph was happy and that was what mattered.  Lolly would help Kystel get settled.  He was tired.  He had been more worried about how Kystel and the others would fit together.

“See you in the morning Ralph.”  Ralph was already turning to the stuff on his workbench.

“Get some sleep, okay?”  He said the words but he knew Ralph would work all night.  He got involved and lost track of time.  They often found him sleeping up in the machinery or with his head on the bench.  He would forget to eat if they didn’t remind him.

Sloan slapped Ryall on the back. “You are wasting your breath man.  I’m gonna go crash.”

Ryall told Sloan goodnight and went for one last walk around to check things.

He climbed the stairs to a hallway that led to some more stairs and opened onto the roof. He came up here at night when he needed to think and this was one of those times. He sat down on the roof next to the access, in the shadows.  He could see the lights from an airship off in the distance.  The steam the underground generators released by vents in the street bathed the city streets in a foggy glow. Buildings stabbed up out of the mist with no solid ground below them.  They were in the clouds and it gave him a sense of peace.

He closed his eyes and leaned his head back against the wall. The quiet was interrupted by crying.  He listened for a moment trying to pin down where the sound was coming from.

He got up and walked to the edge of the roof behind the access.  “You’ve had a long day.”  It was a statement.  Kystel had flown, moved to a new place, met new people, and of course, there was Emelia.

Kystel nodded.  “Sorry.  I didn’t want to bother anyone.  I just needed a little time.”

Ryall scratched his head and sat down by her.  “Look, Emelia can be meaner than a snake but she really doesn’t mean it.  She is still learning how to use her gift.  Healing is work.  She acts tougher than she really is.”

Kystel rubbed her hands on her face.  “It isn’t Emelia.  I can kind of understand her reaction.  This is her home and her family.” There was a tremble in her voice when she said family.

Ryall took her hand.  “Look I know you miss your family.  We all had family that we left, either voluntarily or by force.”

Kystel thought about what he said.  She worried about her brother. What if she had stayed and her parents found out about her wings.  Would they have thrown her out?  “Look, I appreciate you bringing me here.  I hope I can fit in and I know it isn’t going to happen overnight.  I’ll try not to be a crybaby, if you will tell me what I can do to help.  I don’t want to be a burden to anyone.”

“You won’t be.  There are others out there who may need us.  We have plans and you can help us.  It’s going to be great to have company in the air.  It will be worth anything to see you fly away from Emelia the next time she mouths off.”

Kystel liked it when he teased her.  He had not let go of her hand and she wasn’t sure how she felt about that. They sat for awhile in silence, watching the lights of the city.  It was a warm night and Ryall and Kystel fell asleep and dreamed of skies where they could fly in sunlight without the threat of Mekaneks.

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It’s Gonna Cost You Double To Clean This

Three Word Wednesday : occur, ragged, and tidy

It never occurred to him to be worried.  He should have known better.  Everything was in it’s place, nice and tidy.  “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” Mother used to say.  Ben always thought as long as he had his house in order the rest of his life would follow suit.

Unfortunately for Ben, he never reckoned on meeting Lucia.  He had been seeing her for a month and had planned their one month anniversary down to the last detail.  She was a bit of a slob but that would change.  He would help her.

His cleaning lady had come on her off day. He paid her double to make sure the house was spotless.  He ordered all of Lucia’s favorite dishes from the deli and had the bakery make a special tiramisu.  The table was set and the wine that had been chilling was now sitting in a sweating bucket of lukewarm water leaving a white spot on the table.  The candles had burned themselves out and wax puddled around them.

Ben sat with a ragged hole in his throat, leaking blood all over the nice shiny floor.  There was one finger sized hole in the tiramisu. Mother would have been so disappointed.

Love Is A Gamble

Three Word Wednesday CLXXVI Lucid Righteous Salvage

The last thing he remembered was poking a dollar in the slot machine and the pictures lining up.  Bells were ringing, lights flashing and then they escorted him up to the desk where they paid him.  Five thousand bucks!  He hugged everyone around him and almost danced out the door.  He came around the corner of his truck and Stacy was waiting for him as though they had never fought.

“I’m sorry I got so mad, baby.  Forgive me?”  He heard the words and kept walking toward the truck door.  She swung that big purse like it was an extension of her arm.  Must have had a brick in it.

It was an excellent hit.  A righteous hit.  It was a good half hour before he was lucid.  He would never be able to salvage his dignity now.  Sucker punched by a girl.  Who knew?  He held the package of frozen peas to his eye and hoped to minimize the visible damage.  He would never be able to show his face at the truck stop again.

Night Wings part 3

Three Word Wednesday CLXXV Prompts: Frantic, Lurch, and Odor

Continuing from Sunday Scribblings

Kystel looked around.  “This is it?”  She laughed bitterly.  “This isn’t any better than the dump you found me in!”

Ryall pulled her along. “Just wait!”

It was dark and dirty, nothing but old chunks of metal and discarded engine parts.  There was the odor of motor oil and garbage though underneath it Kystel got a whiff of something good that was making her mouth water.  Ryall guided her around a corner and then told her to follow him as he crawled under some pipes.  He stood on the other side and reached down and grabbed the handle on an overhead door and pushed it up.  Inside all was light and warm and there was definitely food cooking. She heard a thump and a string of curse words and some kind of metal tool dropped from somewhere above and landed near her feet.  She looked up and a pair of feet climbed down a metal ladder and a head leaned down.  A high-pitched nasal voice asked “Can you toss me that wrench?”  Startled, Kystel lurched to the side, nearly stumbling.  Ryall put out a hand to steady her and picked up the wrench. He tossed it up to a skinny guy in an aviator hat and goggles.

“Thanks mate!” There was a smile as he caught it and scrambled back up the ladder.  She looked at Ryall with one eyebrow raised.

“Ralph.  He is amazing with machinery.  I think he is part machine himself.”  Kystel just nodded.  She was staring around her and chewed on a strand of brown hair, a nervous habit. A couple in the corner was playing a frantic game of chess.  They moved so fast, the game was over as soon as it started.  Ryall said “Come on.”  She followed him over to the chess players.  “These are the twins, Lolly and Sloan. They can read each others’ minds.  Doesn’t matter how close they are or how far away. “Guys, this is Kystel. She’s a flyer like me.”

Lolly hugged Kystel.  “I’m so glad Ryall found you and glad you came with him.”

“Thanks.” Kystel turned as Sloan grabbed her hand.

“Ryall didn’t tell us you were hot!  Do you play chess?”

“Um, a little?”  Lolly slapped his arm. “Oh no you don’t!  Kystel don’t let him con you – he cheats!  Come on, lets get you something to eat.”

Kystel followed her gratefully.  She was starving and whatever was cooking in that pot on the stove smelled delicious.

“The rest of us will be here in about an hour.  Ralph sent them out looking for parts for the eschatometer.”

“The what?”

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